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They are what you teach them



Today I posted this picture on a friend’s profile on Facebook and people went crazy! Some of the replies included “Wow I would hope you would want your daughter to date a great guy who treats her right and doesn’t beat her no matter what political affiliation he has.” , “Wow! That’s just too much effort for something you will never be able to control…Oh wait, brainwashing almost always works.”, and one I agree with “It’s not petty either, it’s darned important!’. What was posted as a “funny” turned into a debate over dating standards. Yikes, wasn’t ready for that one.

First off, the standards for our children is the Bible, simple as that. If it goes against God’s Word then it’s against our standards, if it’s in compliance with God’s Word, then the standards align with ours. Children are reflections of what they are taught,. It’s our duty as parents to teach our children a strong since of faith, moral obligation, character definition, society respectability, etc etc etc. If you do this when they are young then your job as a parent when they grow is a bit easier. Will children choose to make decisions that we don’t agree with? Yes, of course they do. As a child of God we make decisions that are displeasing to our Heavenly Father, the same principle applies to our children as well. As parents we love them through their bad decisions and help them to learn from them. However, if, as a child they have been taught the strong standards mentioned earlier the probability of making horrible life-altering decisions is not as likely to happen.

This brings me to the Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats. Generally speaking, the Democratic party stands for values that are completely opposite of my families standards. The ones that jump out to me off the top of my head is that they are usually Pro-Choice. Our family is Pro-Life. They are usually for larger government and entitlements, we’re for a smaller, less intrusive government and working hard for what you have. They are typically anti-war, we support our troops and all for protecting our country. Some Democrats tend to be Socialistic in nature, we believe that Socialism is a tool of the Devil. With that all being said it should be pretty obvious why it would be very disappointing to us if our daughter were to date a Democrat. Just like a believer shouldn’t date a non-believer because of the problems that causes, a Conservative shouldn’t date a Liberal because of the conflicts that may arise. Dating is a prelude to marriage and marriage is tough enough, why add fuel to the fire on things you can help? Doesn’t make much sense to me.

Do I hate Democrats? No, I do not. The problem is their standards. Out of love and protection for my children, they are being taught to date (when the time comes) someone of equal standards, simple as that. As for the Dads Against Daughters Dating Democrats, my husband would be a proud member if it were a true organization.


“Is there not a cause?”


Last night during church the speaker in the video series we’re watching for leadership referenced 1 Samuel 17: 29 from the Bible. For those who do not know the passage it’s the story of David and Goliath. One of the most famous lines from this story is when David saw the ensuing battle and the cowardice of the Israelites and he asked them “What have I now done? Is there not a cause?”. He was basically saying “Hey, we have a problem here, and I’m going to do something about it. It’s important, it’s worthy, why are you still sitting on the sidelines? Charge!” Okay, I’m adding to it a bit, but you get the idea. David saw that his brothers and the other solders were afraid but he had faith. He knew that this battle was already won and he was going to be the agent God used in the battle.

As you go further into the story David is brought before King Saul who issues him a uniform, actually, it was the King’s armor which was way too big for David. David said nope, I’m going into battle with what I’m familiar with so he selected a few stones for his slinghot and away he went.

Today, we have a battle ahead of us similar to what David fought. We have an opponent, the Liberal agenda, led by Obama as their Goliath, who is laughing at the Conservatives, just as Goliath did to David. The Conservatives have armor, the Republican party, but we need to tell them to bug off, we’ve got this, we need to gather our stones, but them in our slingshots, aim it at the Liberal agenda and their leader and start bringing them down. David was just a little boy, not much older than 14 at most. He wasn’t anything in comparison to opponent. Matter of fact, Goliath even laughed at the Isralites for sending him to battle. Today, the Conservatives are being laughed out. The Tea-Party organizations are being taunted. We have to pick up our stones. We have to stand strong. We have to say “No, not again! We’ve got a weapon, it’s our vote!” and we must use it.

Again, we have to be involved, we have to educate ourselves. I challenge you to find the most Conservative candidates in your area that are running and put your time AND money behind that person. Pray for your candidate, boldly ask God to be with that person, to put a hedge of protection around them, to protect them from the lies that have brought down others in this election cycle.

Hebrews 14:6 says “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in the time of need.” Friends, our country needs grace, mercy and help right now. As David asked so long ago I’m asking you, “Is there not a cause?”

If ya don’t like it, change it


“In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I hate to hear people complain about our country and the political system as it now. I always want to ask them what they are doing to change it. I bet if I actually asked I would get something along the lines of “I vote”. I’ve got a surprise for you though, it takes more than just a vote to change things.

At the Christian County Caucus there was a lady that was upset because she didn’t know how to become a delegate. This infuriated me for some reason. I wanted to scream out “Hey lady, where have you been? The caucus has been planned for months!” but my respectful side won out and I sat there quietly. Eventually though, after hearing people mumble and grumble about not knowing how to become a delegate I decided to raise my hand and explain the process. In my “rant” I mentioned that it take education on your part, not being spoon-fed. She didn’t like that part but it’s the truth, if you want to represent the people at any level you have to take that first step, educate yourself.

That’s the first step of grassroots activism, education. You can’t just watch the news for 15 or so minutes in the afternoon or read an article to two on the internet and expect to understand what’s going on in our government. You have to go to public meetings and hearings. Yes, it’s a sacrifice of your time and they can be a bit boring, but it’s part of the process. Pick up a book and read. Whatever your political leanings are, there are tons of books out there to help you. Look online, follow the links. Don’t just read one article and accept it at face value, follow the reference links (if any) and read other articles on the same topic. If there aren’t any reference links, that should tell you something.  Call you elected officials. They need to hear from the pubic and they have people in their offices that will help you understand the official’s stance on whatever the subject is. Most of all, don’t depend on someone else to spoon-feed you your information, you have to educate yourself.

After studying and becoming educated (this process will never end by the way, you will want to keep current on the topics at hand) choose a group to work with. Make sure that group has creditability. If they are claiming to be a non-profit, ask for documentation. If they are wanting money, donate if you can spare it and only if you align with their principles. It takes money to make things happen, simple as that. If, after searching and asking around, you don’t find a group your principles align with then start your own. It’s hard work to begin a new organization (I’m working with a fledgling group now) but in the end there is no greater satisfaction than knowing that you are making a difference.

Once you are a part of a group, get busy. Volunteer your time and talents. If you enjoy planning events, ask if you can plan a gathering for the group. If you have the gift of gab, make phone calls. You get the idea. Find your niche and work within that area. You will soon realize that if you are working within your gifted area that you will enjoy politics more and will want to do more and more. This is exactly what has happened for me.

Education, organization, volunteering, and voting. Always vote your heart and conscience. At the end of the day, when it comes time to make your voice heard in a definitive fashion through voting, you must always follow your heart. Even if you are going against the popular idea, still vote your conscience. Nothing or no one is worth going against your conscience for. You have to be able to live with yourself after you’ve marked that ballot.

Remember, silence is louder than words. If you don’t get involved and stay involved then our county will not change. “We the people” have the power to change our government. It is a freedom and a right that is guaranteed to us through our founding documents. Practice this right and enjoy it. So many people don’t enjoy the privilege of being able to be involved in their government, don’t take it for granted. You are a blessed person because you live in America, so much has been sacrificed for our freedoms. We must practice our freedoms and in doing so we will make this country a better place for the future generations.





Liberty (n): The state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one’s way of life.

We supposedly live in a free country. We have freedoms and liberties guaranteed to us by our Bill of Rights, or do we? Recently there has been a lot in the news about how America is slowly losing our liberties through restrictions and executive orders. No longer can we board a plane without being accosted by the TSA, if we want to purchase a weapon, specifically gun, we have to wait 3 days, more in some areas. We have lost our right to protest at events where the President is expected to speak, their is debate over the Catholic church and birth control, and the one that bothers me the most is NDAA 2012 changes (National Defense Authorization Act).

Based upon all of these restrictions and regulations that I have mentioned, do we really live in a free country? Sure, we enjoy more liberties than other countries at the moment, but they are being slowly chipped away at. Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said “Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither or lose both.” This is so true. As a freedom loving American citizen I make the demand that we stand up and stop allowing for the chipping away of our liberties.We have a voice and we do not have to let this happen. I believe that God has created those of us that are not letting our voices be silenced for “such a time as this”.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is the story of Esther. She was a Jewish girl who had lost her family as a girl. All she had left was her uncle, who happened to serve as a scribe to a king. This particular king had called for his queen one evening who refused to come to him and as a result she lost her life. The king decided to have a beauty contest of sorts to prep his next queen. He brought all of the lovely maidens in the region to his palace, had them prepped and primped for a year before being brought into his presence. This would go on girl by girl until he met Esther. Immediately the king fell in love with Esther and took her for his queen. Eventually, as a result of her uncle’s work as a scribe, she heard that her people, the Jews, were about to be destroyed by her beloved husband, which was a result of being tricked on his part. When Esther heard of this she became upset but quickly realized that God had prepared her “for such a time as this.” God had made her husband’s love for her so strong that she could have had anything she wanted, but the thing that she begged of her husband was protection of her people. (For the full story, which is very intriguing, read the book of Esther in the Bible.) Moral of the story though? God places each of us at certain places in our lives for our “such a time as this” moments.

Where does this fit into our American liberties? Our forefathers, were created for “such a time as this” which resulted in birthing a new nation, the United States of America. More than ever I believe that God is calling out his children to follow Him for their “such a time as this” moment in saving America. We have an opportunity to stand against a king who is attempting to destroy a people, the citizens of America. He is doing so through executive orders and restrictions. We can not let this happen. We have to take a stand. It’s more than going to the ballot box in November. It’s being involved, becoming an activist. It’s being willing to lay down your life for a greater good. You see, Esther could have lost her life to the king, but she didn’t because God had created her “for such a time as this.”

“For if thous altogether holdest thy peace at this time, then shall there enlargement and deliverance arise to the Jews from another place; but thou and thy father’s house shall be destroyed: and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” Esther 4:14



Get your panties out of a wad…


Yesterday was the the caucus in MO. This was the first to be held in MO since 1996 and to say that the voters are out of practice is saying it mildly. For those that know me you know that I enjoy politics and grassroots activism. I have worked several campaigns, from local to national races. In the last six months I have gained more life application skills that I would have ever dreamed of. On top of that I’m pretty well liked in our county. I’m easy going, laid back, and for the most part pretty happy-go-lucky, but I am red headed and with that comes the natural red head temper.

They saying goes that you can talk about me, but don’t talk about my family, right? Well, it applies in politics as well. Naturally, being involved in campaigns you get to know a lot of people and in time, those people become family. Some of my best friends have become more like sisters (shout out to Kim), some of the people have become the dreaded step-family, we have our crazies, and we have those that we only see at family reunions, like at yesterday’s caucus. We (generally) love them all, but like most family reunions, you have the crazies that show up just to show out. Again, reference is made to yesterday’s caucus, especially in Christian county.

**Before I proceed I need to put my disclaimer out there….I have a lot of friends who support Ron Paul for President. I respect those that carry themselves like adults and who choose to remain civil even though we disagree. However, adults who act like children because they don’t get their way do not have my respect, or sympathy because their “slate” loses.**

I have looked forward to Caucus Day, 2012 for a long time now. Working for Herman Cain’s campaign got me geared up and taught me to stand for what’s right. I went in yesterday prepared for the long-haul. I had my computer, my water bottle, snacks, notepad, etc…I forgot my boxing gloves though, something that I didn’t think that I would need in such a small county. Generally speaking everyone I know in the Republican group of folks in Christian county gets along. Sure, we have our family disagreements, but again, what family doesn’t? I was not expecting a divorce though yesterday at our “family reunion”, a.k.a. the Christian County Caucus. I was very disheartened by the maturity level of some of the supporters of Ron Paul’s. Yes, prior to the caucus the Republican Committee had created their slate of delegates to go to district and state. I happened to be on the list, but more on that later. But guess what? The Ron Paul folks had one as well. Funny how that’s one of those details left out of the argument. From the get-go it became very apparent that it was going to be a long day when every dot and tittle was analyzed, discussed, debated, and ultimately voted on. We even voted on when we would take a bathroom break, how long it would be, and how often. Yes, every 55 minutes I was allowed to go to the bathroom and my bathroom break would last 10 minutes, thanks to the vote of the people in the Christian County Caucus yesterday. My bladder hasn’t been on a schedule since high school when I had only 5 minutes, guess since I’m an adult now so I get longer breaks, but I digress…seriously though, EVERYTHING was debated and voted on. It quickly became apparent that this was a power struggle and that certain individuals were upset because the 400 or so of their closest friends didn’t show up at the caucus. This resulted in a certain side not having a majority, hence another battle. What determines a majority? 2/3rds or a simple majority (we have more people than you). Well, you guessed it, this debate lasted about 2 hours or so determining a majority. Somewhere in there I had my 10 minute break, thanks to the previous vote. After awhile we got to the fun stuff…the delegate list.

On the Republican Central Committee Slate we found members from the Republican Central Committee as well as people who are involved in politics in the community (that’s where I find myself). There was a pretty good mix of folks, and as stated by the Chairman of the Caucus, some were Romney supporters, some Santorum, and I’m sure some are Newt. Here’s what I can say about how this list was put together; the Committee members were naturally added and those not on the committee were people who have worked hard for past campaigns and are tried and tested Republicans. The process of picking the latter of the two categories was similar to how one would probably “vet” their presidential candidate, through research. Speaking for myself, prior to being placed on the Delegate Slate I had several conversations with various Committee members, phone conversations, Facebook messages, emails, etc asking how I would vote, asking for my vote, etc. Also, I have my past involvement record working for me as well. So even though I don’t go to the meetings I still am involved and informed. I have taken that responsibility upon myself. I have not waited for someone to spoon feed me like a baby information  and then whine about it later when I don’t know what’s going on. It’s called being an adult.

Well, on the other side of the coin we have the “Restore America” slate which was clearly made up of Ron Paul supporters. Now, I’m not going to stoop myself to the low levels of name calling (some of which I heard yesterday) but I will say this, that it was evident that it was one sided, just as much as what could have been assumed by them for the Republican Central Committee Slate. (Oh yeah, there was another about Newt yada yada yada, but that got a whopping 2 votes so I’m going to “go there” on that one.) However, since the Central committee had the majority of the vote they won by over 100 votes to pass their slate. It wasn’t even close. Here’s what I will say about the slate issue though. Had the 400 or so people that promised to show up for the Ron Paul group actually followed through with what they said things would have went the other way. They would have had the majority and us the minority. We would ahve fought the battle just as well and probably have lost as well, but there wouldn’t have been name calling afterwards or going on local news networks complaining that things weren’t “fair and just”. Get your panties out of a wad and move on. There comes a point where you have to grow up in life and move on, this is one of those times.

What I find disgraceful is the name calling by some, mostly coming from the Ron Paul side. During the caucus someone yelled out “Shut up, Old Broad” from the Ron Paul side. This was while an elected official was speaking. Since then I’ve seen bloggers refer to the Republican Committee members as “old fogies”, “the establishment”, “cronies”, “un-Christian”,  and fuddyduds among other things. Again I say, GROW UP already. If you’re mad, that’s one thing, but don’t be disrespectful.

What I learned from the process is that just like in a normal family, the political family is drama-laden and full of interesting distant cousins who only show up because they have to. I also learned that you should know your opponent inside and out, not just on surface level. From this point forward, I will be even more involved. One of the tactics used by our local Ron Paul supporters is to show up at various county meetings and make things complicated. I’ve decided to do the same, I will show up at their meetings and if given the chance I will make it complicated for them as well. I will not roll over and accept their agenda. As long as I’ve got breath in my body I will work with whatever candidate that is running against anyone associated with the fiasco that happened in Christian county on March 17. (I know that your “group” is prepping candidates to run against our “old-fogie” leaders.”) I’ve also learned that my voice is loud and clear in the form of one vote. You can bet your bottom dollar that my voice will never go cold on that one.